Review date: 15th Mar 2024

Brewdog Neon Dream

On the sixth day of Christmas we get into the random things that I can't remember from the carol. The Brewdog pack delivers something called "Neon Dream", but I'm sure that wasn't in the song lyrics anywhere.


From the website:

Coming in at a bright and breezy 4.5%, this is an unusually classy punchbowl of tropical pineapple, mango and passionfruit. A wheat beer at its core, the fruity medley is supported by a notes of banana and citrus, with a natural hazy appearance.


I quite like wheat beer, but the "tropical" bit concerns me a little. On the other hand, maybe it will be a pleasant surprise.


It smells fruity. Really fruity. It's a pale yellow with a decent foamy head, and clearer than I expected from a wheat beer. It's quite fizzy too.

The taste is not as strong as the smell suggests, though it's not good. It tastes a bit metallic and reminds me of a melted ice lolly.

Some beers have an unpleasant first taste, then grow on you as you drink them. This stuff is the opposite, starting off okay and then gradually getting worse.

Honestly, this is like someone poured tropical fruit squash in your beer for a joke and dared you to drink it.


1/5 : Not nice. A bit nauseating. It achieves a score of one because I managed to drink it all.

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