Review date: 30th Mar 2024

Brewdog Speedbird OG

The tenth Brewdog of Christmas is called "Speedbird OG". The name tells me nothing and sounds more like an old car.


From the website:

Brewed by us. Designed by you. This is Speedbird OG, sharp, zesty and cleared for takeoff. The Transatlantic IPA first brewed at 40,000 feet to celebrate the British Airways centenary is about to take flight once again. A citrus aroma with orange upfront, Speedbird OG is a hoppy IPA that’s best enjoyed at all altitudes. With fresh original can artwork designed by the winner of our Air Graphic Control competition, it’s a thing of airborne beauty.


It's another IPA and there are more citrus hints in the description. It doesn't tell me much, so I'm going to guess it has a less fruity taste than some of the others.


It looks good, having a nice clear amber colour with a reasonable head and some bubbles rising through it. The smell is subtle, and vaguely reminds me of cheap lemonade.

The taste is quite dry and bitter, and the cheap lemonade association doesn't go away. It actually makes me think of some kind of shandy I drank back in the distant past. It's not bad at all, but it's also not something I would choose to drink.

Unfortunately, the drink went flat in my glass quite quickly, which was a bit surprising and made its taste less enjoyable.


3/5 : Like shandy but with more alcohol. Which is fine if you like that kind of thing.

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