Review date: 24th Feb 2024

Hobgoblin Gold

I'm starting off with something I have had before, just to ease myself into this.


From the website:

Hops: Pilgrim (UK), Nelson Sauvin (NZ), Citra (US) & Summit (US)
Malt: Barley and Wheat
Smell: Fragrant citrus and wild forest gooseberries
Taste: Mouth-watering malt & refreshing citrus hop kick


I've drunk Hobgoblin Gold before, and I know I like it. I'm looking forward to a nice, refreshing beer.


It's pale yellow or amber in colour, though I now realise "gold" is a pretty good description. It has a nice foamy head and tiny bubbles, looking like lager but slightly darker.

There's not much smell, but it is slightly fruity. I wrote down in my notes that it reminded me of the smell of a clean pub toilet. That doesn't seem very pleasant when I read it back now.

The taste is refreshing, though not strong. There is a bit of citrus, and it's a bit bitter. It made me think of some random lager with a few drops of lemon juice bunged in.

There is a slight after aftertaste, leaving a dry feeling on my tongue.


3/5 : A good drink. I wouldn't be excited to see it, but I would happily drink more of it and enjoy it. It's a nice drink to relax with when you don't want your beer to distract you from whatever else you are doing.

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