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JPEG Saver 5.26

Not just bugs fixed this time, there are a couple of new changes. And some bugs fixed.

Vignette again

The vignette effect I added in version 5.25 is fine if you just want the one blurry blob around your screen edge. But what if you want it in a different colour? What if you want multiple vignette effects giving some kind of faded, stained photo look? Well, now there is a vignette item available for adding to the screen in the items tab that might help with that. You can set each vignette item's strength, colour and opacity, and arrange the order they are displayed in.

The background vignette effect is still there, and now it supports both rounded or rectangular shapes (as does the item-based vignette). I've fiddled with the rounded vignette algorithm a bit to make it more efficient, so its appearance may have changed slightly from the last version.

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JPEG Saver 5.25.1

Another bugfix release. Some of these bugs are playing hard to squash.


I thought I had this first bug fixed in the last version, but I just made it harder to trigger. I'm talking about crashing when deleting files again. I never actually managed to make this crash happen, but this time I'm quietly confident that I have it fixed - I was using the wrong function to do the deleting (and it was also the wrong function for making copies of files, but nobody has reported a crash doing that).

You may be wondering how I managed to use the wrong function to delete files. Well this is one of the joys of Windows programming, where there is more than one way to do just about everything. I know of six different functions that you could use for deleting files, and there are probably more.

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JPEG Saver 5.25

It's not a bugfix release this time, I've actually done some useful stuff in this version. A lot of it is internal with no obvious changes to how JPEG Saver looks, but it does make some other useful stuff possible.

This is not a pipe

The big internal changes are something I have had planned for a couple of years, and basically move some of the processing around and into a configurable pipeline to make things work better.

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JPEG Saver 5.24.1

Another bugfix version of JPEG Saver. This time it is for a single bug that might not affect many people, but I would prefer to get this fix out now instead of waiting until I have some more substantial stuff done - that might take a while.

Previously on JPEG Saver

The one bug fixed here is that the “Previous image” option for multi-monitor displays was not working. It was broken by the changes I made in version 5.22 that mean JPEG Saver now stores a list of images to be displayed.

This actually means that the non-primary monitor(s) can display the previous image right from the start without waiting for the primary to display something - but it wasn't working. This version should fix that, though I'm still a bit unsure of the “Alternate/Random” change mode. I think it is probably working now, but it might just have been behaving every time I tested it.

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SVGGraph 3.20

This version of SVGGraph ticks off something that has been on the to-do list since late 2019, so I'm glad to get it done. Especially because I had to learn or relearn some maths stuff to get it working.

Curved best-fit lines

I wasn't actually sure if this was a good idea or not - after all, I've already added support for curved line graphs. There is an important difference though: curved line graphs draw a curve that passes through all the points, whereas a curved best-fit line is a plot of the mathematical function that best matches the points.

Here's an example using the data from a previous graph that shows earthquake magnitudes with a curved best-fit line added in:

This proves nothing!

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