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JPEG Saver 5.13

This new version of JPEG Saver is another that doesn't look very interesting, but it does contain some important changes.

Automatic database updates

The desktop helper now has a menu labelled “Update automatically”, where you can enable this new feature and choose how often it updates. I've been using it for several weeks set to 6-hourly updates without noticing any problems (or noticing it at all to be honest) so I'm confident it doesn't do any harm.

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SVGGraph 3.8

SVGGraph 3.8 is another release focussed on small improvements. There are two new graph types though, since someone asked how to display a stepped line graph and I didn't have an easy answer.

Stepped line graphs

I don't think anyone has ever asked for this before, but it was very easy to add. The two new graph types are SteppedLineGraph and MultiSteppedLineGraph. They behave exactly the same as normal line graphs, but the line progresses in steps instead of straight lines between the data points.

MultiSteppedLineGraph example

The best-fit lines follow the same path as on normal line graphs, based on the position of the markers. All of the usual line graph options are available, though there is no stacked version of the graph because it looked very strange when I tried it out. If you really want a stacked, stepped line graph I can add it quite easily, just contact me at the usual address.

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JPEG Saver 5.12

This is a very unexciting version of JPEG Saver. Sorry. But it does contain some important updates and fixes.


• Probably the most useful update is that JPEG Saver will now load image files with incorrect extensions, as long as they have an extension that is one of the types that it recognises. The files will not be renamed or anything, JPEG Saver will just try loading a strange file as all the other types it knows about before giving up. In other words, a GIF file saved as rickroll.jpeg will be loaded, but a JPEG file saved as history.txt will not.

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SVGGraph 3.7

SVGGraph 3.7 has a few more useful updates in it, improving some existing functions and adding some more features.

Average lines

This has been on the to-do list for a long time, mainly because I thought it would already be quite simple to do using the shape options. Not as simple as adding the new show_average option to your SVGGraph settings though. I have actually implemented these average lines using guidelines, which means a whole load of styling options are available without much extra work.

Average lines example

The example shows the first two average lines drawn behind the graph and the third on top of it. It's probably not a good idea to mix them on a 3D graph because the distance between the horizontal lines doesn't reflect the actual values, but it does show how the two types of line are drawn.

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JPEG Saver 5.11

It has been less than a month since the last version of JPEG Saver, but here is another one that does something quite important. There are some other changes, but first comes a big resizing update:


In this version I have improved the resizing options by making them more flexible, more configurable and also less complicated for people who don't want to mess around with loads of options. To make that a bit clearer, here is the less complicated version:

Simple resizing
Simple resizing

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